My work on sociolinguistics and education in linguistically diverse contexts explores three interrelated main areas of inquiry: cross-border dynamics, language education, and teacher preparation for bilingual/multilingual school settings.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Solano-Campos, A., Hopkins, M., & Quaynor, L. (forthcoming). Linguistically Responsive Teaching in pre-service teacher education: A review of the literature through the lens of cultural-historical activity theory. Journal of Teacher Education.

Solano-Campos, A. (forthcoming). The Nicaraguan diaspora in Costa Rica: Schools and the disruption of transnational social fields. Anthropology and Education Quarterly.

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school: The invisible linguistic repertoires of bilingual refugee students. Journal
of Research in International Education, 16(1), 36-54

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Costa Rica and the United States. Research in Comparative and International
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Solano-Campos, A. (2013). Bringing Latin America’s ‘interculturalidad’ into the
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Book Chapter

Solano-Campos, A. (2016). Models of diversity in the Americas: Avenues for dialogue
and cross-pollination. In Meer, N., Modood, T., & Zapata-Barrero, R. (Eds.). Multiculturalism and interculturalism: Debating the dividing lines. Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University Press.

Book Review

Solano-Campos, A. (2013). Review of the book The bilingual school in the United
States: A documentary history by Paul Ramsey. Teachers College Record.
ID Number: 16996

Other Publications

Solano-Campos, A. (2015). The multicultural, multilingual, and transnational
Non-Native English Speaking Teacher (NNEST). NNEST-IS Newsletter.